Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sekadar Renungan

There is a good motivation i guest.. I don't remember where i found it. But I try 2 make a synopsis about the story and put out the conclusion. It just a simple story about someone who have a problem and finally jumped off from the building.

-At the movement she jumped off from the top of the building, she saw a loving couple that she
was known at the floor 10 is hitting each other.
-She saw the usually tough and strong guy in floor 9 is crying.

-At floor 8, she saw a girl just found out her fiance is sleeping with her best friend.

-At floor 7, a women is taking anti-depression medicine.

-Floor 6 show that a jobless man still find a job from news paper.

-Floor 5, someone that much everybody respected is trying his wife's undergarment.

-At floor 4, a girl again fighting with his boyfriend.

-At floor 3 she saw an old man waiting and hopping someone will come and give him a visit.

-Floor 2 show a widow still staring at the picture of her husband who died years ago.

At floor 1, she was thinking before she jumped off from the building, she tought she the most unlucky person. but then she knows that everyone has their own problem. After she had seen all that, she found that in fact she not the bad at all. All the people that she saw just now are looking at her now. And she wonder and think that after they see her now, they might feel they are not bad after all.

“Be grateful for whoever you are….coz if u compare it to others, u’ll be suprised of their secret life “

“Bersyukurlah atas dirimu apa adanya… kerana bila kamu membandingkan dengan orang lain, kamu akan “terkejut” dengan rahasia hidup mereka”


Cintailah dirimu, walaupun seberapa berat masalah yang menimpamu. Kamu tetaplah berharga di mata-Nya.


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